How to Choose the Right Oven for Your Commercial Kitchen

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Shopping for an oven for your commercial kitchen can be a breeze if you have the right information! Selecting the perfect match to meet your baking, roasting, and cooking requirements is one of the most crucial (and enjoyable!) decisions for any food service business.

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Are you setting up a new commercial kitchen or upgrading existing equipment in your restaurant, bakery, cafeteria, or catering business in Singapore? Let’s work together to explore all the important factors. By creating a clear checklist, we can help you narrow your options and find the perfect commercial oven in Singapore that best suits your menu needs. Get ready to bake with your ideal culinary partner!

Types of Commercial Ovens

Deck ovens

First up, we have commercial deck ovens. These are the go-to for bakers, perfect for baking large batches of bread, pastries, or pizza. They use electric or gas heating to provide direct and consistent heat, resulting in perfectly baked products every time. 

Convection ovens

Next, we have convection ovens. Think of these as a superpowered version of your standard range. They cook food faster and more efficiently using fans to circulate hot air. This makes them great for roasting juicy meats and baking, giving you precise temperature control for consistent results every time.

Combi ovens

Singapore Combi ovens are the best of both worlds, combining convection and steam cooking options in one package. The steam adds moisture to flakier pastries and succulent meats, while the convection fans ensure quick and even cooking throughout. You can bake, roast, steam, poach, or grill various foods. 

Pizza ovens

Last but not least, we have commercial pizza ovens in Singapore. These are specially designed to cook pizzas at ultra-high temperatures from 204-427°C perfectly. Whether gas-fired, wood-fired, or electric, pizza ovens deliver the fast, intense heat necessary for authentic pizza results.

Key Features to Consider

Temperature range and control

A suitable temperature range and precise control are important to achieve consistent and ideal results. Standard ovens usually reach up to 260°C, while speciality ovens like wood-fired pizza ovens can go up to 371-427°C. You can fine-tune the temperature as needed using adjustable thermostats or digital controls.

Size and capacity

Think about how much you need to bake, roast, or cook at one time based on output. Large deck ovens (a type of commercial baking oven) can have 4+ shelves for high-volume baking. Convection oven capacity ranges from single racks to 50+ pans. You want an oven sized comfortably for your workflow so you’re not constantly waiting on available space.

Speed and airflow

Effective airflow promotes even cooking and consistent results. Convection oven fans circulate hot air quickly so meals cook faster. Rapid heat-up helps when speed matters, like pizza ovens reaching top temperatures in minutes. Make sure to evaluate airflow and speed to match your pace and volume.

Fuel Source Options

Electric ovens

Electric ovens use either glowing coils or slick ceramic surfaces to heat up that provide: 

  • Very accurate and steady temperature, ensuring consistent results every time you cook.
  • Require lower ventilation since there is no combustion.
  • There is limited power in some older buildings, so check your specs!

Gas ovens

Gas ovens utilise the direct flame heating power of natural gas or propane to enable the following:

  • Reaching really high temps, which is great for pizza and bread ovens
  • Better humidity control inside the oven space
  • Potentially, more ventilation is required to deal with combustion byproducts

Other Important Factors

Installation requirements 

Ensure your kitchen is equipped to handle the electrical, gas, ventilation or plumbing needs of the oven you choose.  

Warranty and maintenance 

Look for ovens from reputable brands that offer at least a 1-year warranty. This will give you peace of mind and ensure the manufacturer stands behind their products. 

Brand reputation and reliability 

Do your research by reading reviews and talking to other kitchens. While quality ovens may cost more upfront, they will save you the trouble and expense of repairs in the long run. 

Budget and pricing 

Commercial ovens vary greatly, so having a budget and getting price quotes are important. Consider the long-term operating costs as well. 

After-sales support  

Look for oven companies that provide installation help, staff training, and continued technical support. This will ensure you have the necessary resources to keep your oven running smoothly. 

Narrowing Down Your Choices

Choosing the perfect commercial oven for your kitchen is like dating – you’ve got to find that special one that ticks all your boxes! Here are some tips for navigating oven-matchmaking success:

  • Make a comprehensive checklist of must-have features based on your workflow, menu offerings, capacity needs, available power sources, space constraints, and overall budget. This will help you filter out any ovens that won’t work.
  • Contact a few reputable equipment suppliers and ask for quotes on models that fit your criteria. Don’t be shy – ask as many questions as you need to get a clear picture of your options. 
  • Read through some customer reviews online to get a sense of how different oven models perform in the real world. This can save you a lot of headaches down the line!
  • Schedule on-site trial runs of any ovens you’re seriously considering. Have your chefs whip up some of your signature dishes to see how each oven handles your menu. You’ll get valuable feedback and feel more confident making a final decision.

Get the Right Oven for Your Commercial Kitchen Here in Somerville

Are you looking for the perfect commercial oven for your food service operation? Look no further than Somerville! We understand how crucial it is to choose the right equipment for your kitchen, and we’re here to help.

As your local commercial oven supplier in Singapore, we are happy to answer any additional questions and provide quotes on top brands to fit your precise needs. Our team can offer informed guidance so you can find the commercial baking, roasting, and cooking ovens that seamlessly fit your Somerville kitchen’s menu offerings, workflow, capacity, and budget.

So why not stop by our shop and continue the oven-selection conversation in person? We’re always happy to chat and help our neighbours outfit their kitchens with the perfect equipment. Here’s to investing in the right commercial equipment to fulfill your cooking vision!


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