Comparing Different Types of Commercial Ice Machines in Singapore

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Adding an ice machine to your establishment is such an excellent idea! We’re excited to help you find the perfect model to meet your needs and budget. You’ll wow customers, streamline operations and keep products cold with the right ice maker.

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Have you considered why a commercial ice machine is an intelligent investment for your business? With an abundant supply of ice, your customers can relish chilled drinks, seafood, and other items that require a frosty temperature. Your staff can save a lot of time by not having to run back and forth for ice, and you can effortlessly prepare shakes, smoothies, and other cold beverages. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Now, let’s explore the types of ice machines so you can make an informed, confident choice:

Types of Commercial Ice Machines

Modular Ice Machines

Did you know modular units offer the flexibility to configure the ice maker, bin, and condenser separately, designed to fit your available space perfectly? This customisation allows for an impressive ice capacity, with a production rate of over 454 kg daily! Even during busy periods, the continuous ice flow ensures the supply runs smoothly. Additionally, maintenance and repairs are made much easier with modular units. However, it’s important to note that these units have a larger footprint and higher initial cost. 

Undercounter Ice Makers

Under-counter ice machines conveniently slide right under counters and tables for compact kitchens. Although small, they still churn out around 113 kg of ice daily. Installation is a breeze with these all-in-one units. The only limitations are modest storage capacity and output. But for businesses with minimal space, under-counter machines are a great pick!

Self-Contained Machines

All-in-one self-contained ice machines are designed to be complete and self-sufficient. They come without any separate bins or condensers to worry about. The plug-and-play operation gets you making ice within minutes. However, maintenance can be trickier with the enclosed design. These machines can produce anywhere from 180 to 544 kg of ice daily, which is pretty impressive for a single unit!

Ice Production Comparison

One significant difference between commercial ice machines is their daily output and production speed. Understanding these variables will help you select equipment aligned with your business’s needs.

In terms of daily capacity:

  • Modular units are the heavy hitters, pumping out over 454 kg of ice daily.
  • Undercounter models produce approximately 113 kg in a 24-hour period.
  • Countertop machines have relatively low output at less than 45 kg per day.
  • Self-contained units range from 136 – 544 kg daily.

Production speed is also key. Small countertop units can complete an ice-making cycle in 5 minutes to meet demand. Larger modular machines take around 20 minutes or more per batch.

Think about your peak usage times and how quickly you need to replenish ice supplies. The right machine will churn out ice all day, even during your busiest rushes. And remember to consider the unit’s footprint – be sure to pick the optimal size for your available kitchen or bar space.

Ice Types

Nugget Ice

It is a crowd favourite with its small, chewable frozen pellets. This uniquely soft and crunchy ice chill drinks without watering them down. Nuggets are a smart choice for perfect chilled beverages. 

Flake Ice

Features delicate, think flakes ideal for keeping seafood cool and displayed beautifully. The flakes surround foods for even, consistent cooling. Go flakes if you serve fresh seafood!

Cube Ice

These ice makers produce standard square cubed in different sizes. These dense cubes work great for everyday sipping, chilling, and all-purpose use. You can’t go wrong with cubes!

Crescent Ice

It has a half-moon shape that fits perfectly in cold plate dispensers. The shape maximizes surface area for rapid cooling. Crescents are ideal for fountain drinks. 

Operating Costs

When looking at ice makers, let’s be sure to talk about operating costs – not just the upfront price tag of your commercial kitchen equipment in Singapore

Energy Consumption

Ice machines use electricity to run freezing components and dispensers. Energy use ranges from 3-7 kWh per 45 kg of ice production. Opt for an Energy Star-certified model to keep energy bills in check.

Water Usage

These machines also consume water to make ice, averaging 90 – 159 kg daily. Look for units with water-saving features to maximise efficiency. 


Keep up with regular maintenance, like air filter changes and condenser cleaning, to prevent problems. Proper care means minimal repair costs. 


Simpler machines have lower repair costs for parts and labour if issues arise. Complexity and build quality impact maintenance needs. 

Other Key Factors

Beyond ice production, there are some other key factors to think over when picking an ice machine:

Storage Capacity

Bigger bins that can hold more ice are so convenient! Less frequent refilling means more time for other tasks.

Ease of Use

Let’s find a simple machine with straightforward controls for your staff to operate. Making ice shouldn’t be complicated! 

Noise Level

The quieter operation creates a peaceful environment for customers and employees. We’ll compare noise ratings to find a softly humming machine. 

Brand Reputation

Established brands often have better support and longer warranties. Let’s go with a reliable, proven name you can trust!


Hopefully, this overview has given you a good idea of what to keep in mind when picking an ice machine for your business! The right equipment can be a total game-changer, so it’s important to consider your requirements – expected usage, available space, preferred ice types, budget and  kitchen equipment supplier.  

Investing in the right ice machine from a trusted kitchen supplier in Singapore like Somerville will wow your customers, optimise workflow, and boost profits. This is an exciting step forward for your business! Call us anytime to start the journey –  we can’t wait to help you find the right solution. Here’s to more ice, more chill, and more success! 

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