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Quality Commercial Fridge for Food & Beverage (F&B) Industry

The efficient running of eating businesses like restaurants and hotels depends on commercial fridges. They help to prevent food contamination and spoilage, and maintains the freshness of the perishable food items. They can also cut down on energy expenses and food waste.

Commercial Chiller for Precise Temperature Control & Cooling

An upright chiller is a type of commercial refrigeration system used to chill and store perishable goods. It has many shelves or drawers in a vertical arrangement for organised storage and convenient access to the stored objects.

A blast chiller is a specialised piece of industrial refrigeration equipment that quickly cools down hot or cooked food by either directly refrigerating it or blasting it with a high-velocity blast of cold air. It promotes adherence to food safety regulations, prevents bacterial development, maintains food quality, and lengthens shelf life.

A counter chiller refers to a refrigerated counter or display unit that is used to showcase and store chilled food items in retail settings, making it simple to obtain products that are both fresh and visually appealing products.”

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